Plughugger Sound Design U-HE 50% Sale

Plughugger Sound Design U-HE 50% Sale


If you happen to have picked up some of the U-HE synths in the recent Native Instruments partner promotion, or were already an existing owner, then Plughugger Sound Design may have something of interest for you.


From now until February 26th they have a 50% reduction on all of their U-HE sound sets.


Their range covers Diva, Repro & Hive, (sadly nothing for Zebra), and include NKS presets and preview sounds for each of the packs.


The add to cart button on the website can be a little tricky to navigate, I used Firefox here, and found that it was the first of two image buttons that mentions the word ‘cart’ in the speech babble.


Download, unarchiving and installation was easy enough, the Hive presets I picked up did have a wavetables folder that needed to be dropped onto it’s namesake in the Hive data folder, and I decided to also place the NKSF presets here so that they appeared on the factory side.


This simply required a manual rescan of the factory presets in the Komplete Kontrol standalone application.


Equally they could just be placed in your user content folder and the standard start up scan will detect them.


During the offer period each pack averages around 10 euros for up to 200 presets, so if the sounds work for your particular music genre then they represent great value.


Use the coupon code UHESALE2023 at checkout to apply the half price discount on your cart.


Plughugger Sound Design Sound Sets Page:

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