Emergence Audio Release Source Code

Emergence Audio Release Source Code


The latest release from Emergence Audio is Source Code, in this library the sampling of classic vintage circuitry is put through their innovative Infinite Motion Kontakt engine, taking those original timbres on a new journey of sound discovery.


The sound of Source Code embodies the essence of musical artistry, carefully crafted with a meticulous attention to detail. Drawing from the rich heritage of analog oscillator waveforms, including Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse/Sawtooth, Square, Wide Pulse, and Narrow Pulse, the Source Code pays homage to the classic “D Type” circuitry that was the cornerstone of some of the most iconic Moog synthesizers of the 1970s.


From stunning super-fat bass lines and leads to progressive organ sounds.
Transform these legendary vintage oscillators into evolving pads, drones, pulses, soundscapes
and more.


Source Code is the last of the previously released Emergence Audio full Kontakt libraries to be reissued with Kontakt player, NKS & Komplete Kontrol compatability before the developer wholly focus on some exciting new library releases.


Source Code can be purchased from the Emergence Audio website at an introductory price, at the following link:


For the detailed NKS mappping of Source Code see our previous review of Infinite Bird Whistle here:

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