Project Sam Announce 50% Discount Flash Sale On Colors Series

Project Sam Announce 50% Discount Flash Sale On Colors Series


Our friends over at Project Sam have announced a flash sale on their series of Colors libraries.


These include Colours Orchestrator, Colors Animator & Colors Adaptive Runs which can be purchased for 59 euros, & 89 euros for Adaptive Runs.


The Colors Series are budget friendly variants of their full blown Symphobia range which offer some of the more notable key features of their bigger siblings.


Adaptive Runs for example features the clever adaptive sync feature found in S4 Pandora, which offers flexible tempo synced orchestral runs and risers.


We reviewed Adaptive Runs at the time of release back in December 2020, and you can read that original review here:


Most Symphobia owners will by now be aware of the more recent library updates, and my contact there has recently told me that there will be an update for the much loved Orchestral Essentials coming up at some point, usually accompanied by a sale, but rest assured we will keep you informed as this is a great Project Sam all rounder.


Here is the link for the Project Sam Libraries page:

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