Komplete Kontrol and the NKS standard is a music software and hardware system developed by Native Instruments to seamlessly integrate the control and use of VST plug-in instruments and effects with their range of Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

In 2016 Native Instruments introduced an ‘accessibility mode’ in a software update, which utilises the inbuilt text to speech engines on both MAC and Windows computers. This allows for spoken feeback of both product and preset browsing as well as the editing and manipulation of instrument sounds and effects.

Although seemingly a simple act this has dramatically transformed the ability for blind and visually impaired musicians to interact and use VST based software instruments to a degree where it is now possible to do so for the most part without the prior necessity for bespoke screenreader scripting solutions.


The aim of KK-Access is simple, to keep you informed…

Technology by it’s very nature attracts a diverse spectrum of users, and with this comes a degree of ambiguity surrounding the infromation and knowledge required to harness it for their creative needs.

With this in mind we hope to publish informative articles on how to use Komplete Kontrol products and related software, with an emphasis on product reviews, simple ‘how to’ articles and industry related product news and links which will enable you to quickly get the information you need from a central point of resource.

There is also an associated Komplete Kontrol Access Google group list which offers the opportunity for discussion from both users and developers alike (see links section).


developers should be aware that the Komplete Kontrol accessibility market is one of emerging prominence , as word spreads globally more blind and visually impaired users/customers are committing to the Komplete Kontrol platform and NKS ready libraries and instruments.

This also has positive spillage into the education sector where product acceptance is often awarded on aspects of core accessibility and inclusiveness.

Native Instruments own developer SDK has a section which addresses suggested accessibility criteria for NKS products in more detail and is recommended reading for developers wishing to implement these important enhancements into their own products.

As a blind musician, writer, composer and sound designer myself I have been working with various developers to promote, assist and advise on recommended NKS parameter mapping, as such I am keen to further promote the wider ongoing take up of NKS to encourage it’s development and thus longevity as an access solution.


With this in mind I am happy to receive enquiries from interested parties on this topic.


You can contact kk-access at the following address:




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