Infinite Bird Whistle BY EMERGENCE AUDIO

Infinite Bird Whistle BY EMERGENCE AUDIO



KK-Access Review



Emergence Audio have released several innovative textural based sample libraries in recent times, indeed we have previously looked at Soprano Textures and Violin Textures along with Quantum, which was their first NKS release right here on the KK-Access website.

Emergence Audio have been busy with a major studio relocation this year;, however, they have not been content to rest on their laurels with releases or the continued refinement of their Infinite Motion Engine™, the unique under the hood scripting that drives their Kontakt libraries in union with their Non-Static Sampling™ process.


Infinite Bird Whistle


We stated in an earlier review that potentially any sample source could be used within the Infinite Motion Engine, and the results would remain sonically interesting, which is something that this latest release upholds from the outset.

The Infinite Bird Whistle first saw it’s light of day, or perhaps it’s dawn chorus would be more appropriate, in a previous full Kontakt version of the engine known as Quantum.


The library has now been given a Kontakt player & NKS supported release with some very useful and accessible NKS mapping for the Komplete Kontrol hardware controls, which are sure to make it attractive to a much wider audience.


Tech Specs


Infinite Bird Whistle runs in Kontakt 6.7 or higher, or the equivalent free Kontakt player, and is Komplete Kontrol & NKS ready.


The library occupies just 1.08GB compressed in the NCW format from it’s 24bit 48kHz source samples.


There are 28 NKI files, 85 snapshots, & 14 NKM Multi files which are the preset sources for the library.


Download & Installation


Infinite Bird Whistle can be authorised, downloaded & fully installed onto your system entirely via Native Access, which serves to make the whole process a simple and seamless experience.



Komplete Kontrol NKS Parameter Mapping


Page One – LFO/Master/Main FX


Knob 1 – LFO Cross fade Expressed as a percentage
Knob 2 – LFO Speed Expressed as Hz or beat values (dependent upon loaded preset)
Knob 3 – LFO Intensity expressed as a percentage
Knob 4 – LFO type (Shape)
Knob 5 – Master Volume
Knob 6 – Reverb
Knob 7 – Delay
Knob 8 – Distortion


Page Two – Layer 1 & Layer 2 Envelope


Knob 1 – Layer 1 Attack
Knob 2 – Layer 1 Decay
Knob 3 – Layer 1 Sustain
Knob 4 – Layer 1 Release
Knob 5 – Layer 2 Attack
Knob 6 – Layer 2 Decay
Knob 7 – Layer 2 Sustain
Knob 8 – Layer 2 Release


Page Three – Layer 1/Layer 2


Knob 1 – Layer 1 Volume
Knob 2 – Layer 1 Pan
Knob 3 – Layer 1 Tune
Knob 4 – Layer 1 Sound
Knob 5 – Layer 2 Volume
Knob 6 – Layer 2 Pan
Knob 7 – Layer 2 Tune
Knob 8 – Layer 2 Sound


Page Four – Layer 1 Filter/Layer 2 Filter


Knob 1 – Layer 1 LP Cut-off
Knob 2 – Layer 1 LP Resonance
Knob 3 – Layer 1 HP Cut-off
Knob 4 – Layer 1 HP Resonance
Knob 5 – Layer 2 LP Cut-off
Knob 6 – Layer 2 LP Resonance
Knob 7 – Layer 2 HP Cut-off
Knob 8 – HP Resonance


Page Five – Secondary FX/Tape FX


Knob 1 – Saturation
Knob 2 – Chorus
Knob 3 – Rotator
Knob 4 – Phaser

Knob 5 – Stereo

Knob 6 – Tape FX, Tape Warmth
Knob 7 – Tape FX, Tape Gain
Knob 8 – Tape FX, Tape Roll-off


Page Six – Lo-Fi FX


Knob 1 – Bits
Knob 2 – Sample Rate
Knob 3 – Noise
Knob 4 – Color
Knob 5 – Reverb Preset Select
Knob 6 – Reverb Size
Knob 7 – Delay Time
Knob 8 – Delay Feedback


Page Seven – Randomiser & Master LFO


Knob 1 – Random
Knob 2 – Master LFO On/Off
Knob 3 – LFO Sync On/Off
Knob 4 – LFO Intensity
Knob 5 to 8 – Unallocated




At first glance the NKS template may not initially appear to be vastly different to recent Emergence Audio releases, however upon a closer inspection, less is certainly more when it comes to the additions made.


From a sound design perspective, and perhaps of most significance to us, is that we now have the ability to select our own choice of samples from the pool of available sounds.


This allows us to be much more creative and hands on by crafting and shaping the essential foundation layers of the patch, and ultimately reach the timbre which you are aspiring to achieve.


In contrast, If the requisite time and patience needed for sound design happen to be in short supply for you, then the new addition of the Randomise control into the NKS mapping will certainly make you happy.


Giving this control a twist will instantly alter the core elements of the currently loaded preset, which effectively rolls a dice to immediately come up with something different.


Also to be appreciated, is the option to turn on or off the master LFO & sync controls. This might not sound too exciting, but previously some presets had the LFO saved by default with the LFO running as a free run cycle, which meant if you had an LFO generated pulse or rhythm going, you would have been unable via NKS to switch on the sync to DAW option, now this can be done, and is something that many should find useful.


Thinking ahead, it would also be desirable to have access to a reverse sample control for each layer, to again expand the creative possabilities still further.


Avian Whistles


Despite initially perhaps not being the most obvious source material for a sample library, the choice to feature a Bird Whistle offers ample evidence that the Infinite Motion Engine is totally transformational when something seemingly obscure like this is fed through it’s audio process.


The whistles & warbles are stretched and sonically manipulated into something often unworldly, and yet quite beautiful or equally suspenseful depending on the vibe you are looking for.


This certainly presents some perfect material for ambient music creators, with the evolvement of these sounds being a constant and moving variable.


The Infinite Bird Whistle is not confined to ambient music, as this content can work equally well for film & game soundtracks, or even further without any restrictions being placed on imagination.


Presets A Plenty!


I have always been extremely impressed with the number of presets that Emergence Audio offer to their customers.


Even back when their libraries were non NKS & only ran in the full version of Kontakt , the redeeming feature in terms of value for money was the assurance that you would receive a generous supply of presets.


The new affiliation to the Kontakt player, Komplete Kontrol & NKS has not changed this, as there are still a generous number of superb presets to explore, and with the thoughtful inclusion of the initialised patches, it means that you can quickly start being creative right from the get go!.


Once more the sound categories of Infinite, Pad, Pulse, Dimensions & Correlated remain the fundamental types of available presets, and existing owners will be familiar with how they work and are constructed.


There are also a nice selection of Kontakt NKM multi file presets, these are something often overlooked by many users, but can provide some inspirational and instantly full atmospheric material, you will however only be able to use them in Kontakt outside of the Komplete Kontrol environment, as Komplete Kontrol remains unable to load this format.


I highly recommend checking out the following Emergence Audio walkthrough video linked at the review footer for a more thorough explanation of the concepts behind the library.


There are also some great demo tracks on the product page which serve to show the wider potential of the product at it’s best.




It is particularly encouraging as a reviewer when a developer has taken the time out to listen to recommendations, and then quietly goes away to gradually implement those features & requests over time in their product updates.


Emergence Audio are one such developer that listens, and the excellent news is that they do intend to rollout these improved mappings across all of their past and future releases, which going forward will all be NKS compliant.


It is also reassuring to know that whatever flavour of sound that you are looking for, be it the bowed strings of Cello & Violin, Soprano Voices or perhaps the more experimental Quantum & Infinite Bird Whistle, the crucial ability to design, shape & create your own unique textural sounds is something now accessibly possible with the growing portfolio of affordable Emergence Audio libraries.


Infinite Bird Whistle From Emergence Audio can be purchased from their website for $25.00



Infinite Bird Whistle Product Page:



Infinite Bird Whistle – Walkthrough:



Infinite Bird Whistle – User Manual:



(c) Chris Ankin


24th October 2022






The author can not accept any responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this review,or Any inaccuracies found therein. All opinions and product functions stated are based solely on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product and/or gathered from official factual sources such as the developer, web or supplied product manual.



About the Author


Based in Buckinghamshire, England, Chris Ankin has worked as a freelance review writer and contributor with articles published in Sound On Sound, Home & Studio Recording and ST Format Magazines.

He has also successfully worked extensively in and around music, recording, film Soundtrack scoring, Game & media composition, the creative arts, Charitable trusts,publishing, music streaming and property investments since 1982 whilst continuously and deliberately managing to evade any mainstream recognition under his own name and various other pseudonyms.


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