Keyboard Layout for Komplete Kontrol MK2 – All Models

Button Layout for the Komplete Kontrol MK2 keyboard.
Models 49, 61 & 88 Keys


The three buttons above the pitch and mod wheel from left to right:

Fixed VEL TS Mode
Octave Down (Shifted: Semitone Down)
Octave Up (Shifted: Semitone Up)


The next section of the keyboard is similar to the MK1 in some respects, but has a variety of extra buttons.


Top Row:

Scale (Shifted: Scale Edit)
ARP (Shifted: ARP Edit)


Next Row:



The next block is the transport block:

Top Row:



Next Row:



Middle Section:

Two small, square buttons at top:


Below these:

Preset Up
Preset Down

Below these are two square buttons side-by-side:

Page Left
Page Right


Next section contains a column of 5 buttons:

From the top:

Key Mode


Above the screen are 8 soft buttons that change depending on what mode the keyboard or sequencer is in at the time.


Finally, the last two rows, at the right-hand end of the keyboard:

Top Row:



Next Row:



Additional Information


In plugin edit mode
Shift F5 move plugin left
Shift F6 move plugin right
Shift F7 bypass plugin
Shift F8 Remove plugin
Shift dial adjusts plugin volume
(Note that prehear sound volume is no longer adjustable via the hardware)


In Browser mode
Sshift F4 speak preset on
Shift F1 Sort by category
Shift F2 Sort by vendor
F7 sort by favourites on/off
Shift F7 add favourite
Shift F8 Pre-Hear on/off (not announced on the user side of the browser)


Non shifted
f1 loaded plugin
F3 Quick browse
F4 preset selection factory/user
F5 previous plugin
F6 next plugin
F7 filter by favourites
F8 load preset

You cannot currently adjust the volume of the pre-hear sounds on MK2 models.


Training mode can be turned on or off by double pressing the top left shift button, this handy feature enables the user to explore the buttons and features of the Komplete Kontrol keyboard without invoking any actions.


When exploring the Komplete Keyboard controls in training mode and using shift to discover sub functions, it is possible to inadvertently turn off speech by pressing shift and the top right mixer button, do not panic if this happens, simply reinstate accessibility with top left shift and top right mixer.


Please Note:

Pressing either the mixer button (top far right) or the setup button below it, will result in the temporary loss of speech until the plugin button (middle of right hand group of three buttons) followed by the browser button to the left of that is pressed.

this is not a bug, but simply due to these particular menus not currently having speech defined for their content, pressing the buttons mentioned above reconnects the keyboard back to the vst plugin whereupon normal functionality is restored.

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