Komplete Kontrol MK1 Keyboard Button Layout – 25, 49, 61 & 88 Key Models

Komplete Kontrol MK1 Keyboard Button Layout – 25, 49, 61 & 88 Key Models


Rear Panel (from left to right if reaching over the top of the controller while sitting at the keyboard) :
Power button
AC jack
USB jack
Expression Pedal jack
Sustain Pedal jack
security lock


Top Panel:
Perform Section (at top left) has 3 rectangular buttons.

  1. Shift
  2. Scale and
  3. Arpeggio
    The word “edit” appears above the Scale & Arpeggio buttons.
  4. Transport section (below the Perform Section) has 6 buttons:
  5. Loop
  6. Rewind and
  7. Fast Forward on the top row and
  8. Play/Restart
  9. Record/Count-in and
  10. Stop on the bottom row.
  11. 8 Encoder knobs have 2 buttons to the left labelled with left & right arrows.
  12. Navigate Section (to the right of the encoders) has 10 buttons.
    Left side buttons are:
  14. Browse
  15. Instance
  16. Back and
  17. Left
  18. Detented knob has Up and Down buttons below it.
    Right side buttons are:
  19. Preset Up
  20. Preset Down
  21. Enter and
  22. Right.
  23. To the left of the keyboard there are 2 Octave Down/Up buttons above the Pitch Bend and Modulation touch strips.


To turn on accessability mode whereby the speech from your computer default TTS voice is used to announce keyboard parameters
Press the top left (shift) button and top right (preset up) button simultaneously.


Accessability Training Mode

  • Double-press [SHIFT] to enter Training Mode; button and
    knob functions are announced but not triggered


VST Output Volume
Press shift and rotate the large dial to adjust


Adding Favourites
Press shift and rotate knob 4 to add a favourite, alternatively pressing shift and depressing the large dial knob will do the same

Press shif and knob 3 to activate browsing by favourites

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