A-Series & M32 Komplete Kontrol Keyboard Layout

A-Series & M32 Mini Komplete Kontrol Keyboard Layout

Version 1 by Chris Ankin November 27, 2018


Applies to A-Series 25, 49, 61 & M32 Mini 32 Key keyboards


Top left side of the keyboard is a two row cluster of six buttons
Top row from left to right are
Shift, Scale, Arp

Second row from left to right
Undo/Redo, Quantize/Auto, Ideas

Underneath the top bank of controls there are a second cluster of six buttons
Again from left to right top right
Loop, Metronome, Tempo

Bottom row from left to right
Play/Restart, Record/Count-in, Stop/Clear

On the lower section of the unit directly to the left of the keys are the sprung pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel
Immediately above these are two buttons which are
Octave Down/Fixed Velocity, Octave Up/Key Mode

There is no touch strip on the A-Series units.


Moving right across the keyboard positioned midway between the two left most banks are four buttons in a vertical row
Consisting of two larger buttons directly underneath one another, and the third row consists of two smaller buttons

These are top row
Preset Up
Second row
Preset Down
Third ro
Left arrow button, Right Arrow button


Above this group of buttons you can feel a small inset area of plastic, this is the LED display screen for the device


There are then the traditional horizontal row of eight rotary knobs


Finally on the far right of the keyboard at the top are three adjacent buttons which from left to right are


Underneath this is a large rotary dial style multi-directional knob, which can be rotated, tilted to compass points and also be depressed


On the rear of the unit looking from left to right are
Kensington lock
one assignable sustain/expression pedal socket
one USB type B socket for power (there is no dedicated power on/off switch on the unit)


Also on the rear the words N.I. and Komplete Kontrol are emblazoned on the panel above the sockets.

The word Komplete is also printed on the top left of the keyboard fascia.

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