SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas 2021

SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas 2021

For those not subscribed to the general sonoKinetic newsletter, you may be interested to know that they are once again in annual festive tradition running their 12 days of christmas campaign.

During this period selected SonoKinetic libraries are significantly discounted, or even given away for free in limited quantities as each day is unlocked.

There is a separate newsletter that you need to subscribe to in order to hear about these daily goodies, which is as follows:

Many of their libraries are phrase based orchestral, or cinematically influenced, or in some cases more instrument specific like the ‘Bells Collection’.

Recommended are sound design specific products such as Ibrido Cinematica and Ibrido Favola , however do avoid Ibrido Zero, as although it has NKS and the advanced speech system, the largely drag & drop based method of sound creation means that it is at the moment inaccessible for it’s intended use.

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