Able Artist Foundation News

Able Artist Foundation News

Able Artist Foundation have announced their first partnership with a hardware manufacturer, as described in this extract from their latest newsletter:

Focusrite Partnership.

After many weeks of exploring ways to work together, we are happy to announce that Focusrite is now our first hardware partner!

Now, because we are dealing with hardware, AAF must be mindful of a company’s cost of manufacturing when exploring  partnerships.

As a result, Focusrite has generously offered 30% discounts off of MSRP on new Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, and Novation hardware products and will provide 50% discounts off of MSRP on their software! Both discount types are available as of today. Note: their FAST software plugins will have discount codes available the week of November 22nd.
Here is their partner profile:

A reminder for those who are not aware of Able Artist Foundation, it’s a U.S based International Foundation run by CEO Stephen Letnes, with the end goal of braking down the barriers encounterd by many artists with disabilities in achieving their creative ambitions.

They partner with leading industry software and now hardware developers in order to offer significant discounts on their products, as well as offering other grants and specific assistance.

To become a member and qualify for the discounts, you need to be registered and in receipt of appropriate benefits, for which a complete list of criteria can be found on their website at:

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