A Short Guide On Using The Track Mixer Feature Of Komplete Kontrol Keyboards With Reaper

A Short Guide On Using The Track Mixer Feature Of Komplete Kontrol Keyboards With Reaper


Does not apply to S-Series MK1 Models


Firstly We will Cover A-Series & M32 Controllers

This section covers A25, A49, A61 & M32 Mini Controllers.


Setting Up


You will need to have the Reaper Kontrol driver installed into your Reaper user plugins folder located at:
c:\users\username\app data\roaming\reaper\user plugins


The Reaper Kontrol driver can now be installed automatically using the Reapack feature within Reaper, see elsewhere for setup instructions.


In use the controls will remain silent unless the additional step of turning on speech feedback for surface controllers is checked in the OSARA configuration window, this can be accessed by pressing control + F12 when in Reaper, and then tabbing down and checking the last checkbox, finally hitting OK will make this active.


How to Use…


The four way encoder is the large knob on the upper top right of the keyboard.

This is multi directional in that it can be rotated clockwise, anti clockwise, pressed down, and also it can be tilted in the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.


This functionality will work regardless of whether your tracks contain nstances of Komplete Kontrol, the important factor is the presence of the Reaper Kontrol driver.


With a multi track project loaded, press the top right button on the keyboard, this is the track button.

This will place the keyboard into track or mixer mode. At this point the eight standard knobs will become assigned to controlling the volume levels of each available track, be this with an individual instance of Komplete Kontrol on each track, or in the case where a multiple output instrument has been routed to individual tracks such as a drum kit, or as mentioned a standard audio or media track containing your own recordings or media files.


To advance beyond the initial eight tracks (including master bus if showing) tilt the large four way encoder to the 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock positions to ascend or descend through the available tracks.

If you instead wish to control the pan position of the instrument/track within the stereo field, then it is possible to do so by holding down the shift button while making your panning adjustments.

Again the eight roatary knobs represent an individual track, and depending on the shifted or unshifted value, the volume level, or pan position.


Finally, pressing the plug-in or browser buttons will return you to normal Komplete Kontrol function status.


MK2 S Series Komplete Kontrol Keyboards


Setup the Reaper Kontrol driver as specified in section 1 for the A-series and M32 models.


Also enable speech feedback from surface controllers in the OSARA configuration panel (Control + F12 within Reaper) if speech guidance is required.


The operation is almost identical with the Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 range of keyboards, but I will run through the steps to ensure absolute clarity.


If you press the mixer button (the top right button in the bank of six above the encoder, this immediately puts you into track volume control mode, here as you may have discovered, the eight main rotary knobs control the volume of the first eight tracks in your project, including the master bus on knob one if you have that showing in Reaper

the page left and right will take you to track volume controls for anything beyond the first eight tracks of your project.

Holding down the shift button on the top left of the keyboard, and tilting the encoder towards 12’oclock, switches from volume to pan

control, now all the controls again represent each of your tracks, but instead allow you to pan each left or right within the stereo field.





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