Orange Tree Samples – Summer 2021 Group Buy

Orange Tree Samples – Summer 2021 Group Buy

Has it really been a whole year?, well apparently so, it’s now the annual opportunity to once more purchase Orange Tree Samples libraries with a healthy discount.

Here is the promotion announcement, and a link:

We’re excited to announce the Orange Tree Samples Summer 2021 Group Buy sale, your opportunity to get up to 60% OFF all our sample libraries and bundles!
In a group buy, the more people that join the sale, the greater the discount becomes, up to 60% OFF at the highest discount tier.

Starting today, all you have to do to join the sale is to add a library to your group buy order.

The sign-up period only lasts until July 5th, so be sure to join the sale before then so you can take advantage of the discount.
You can change your group buy order at any point, even after the group buy has ended, so even if you aren’t sure which exact library or libraries you want, be sure to add something to your group buy order to reserve your spot in the sale.

Link to Group Buy Sale:

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