Sales, Sales & More Sales…

Sales, Sales & More Sales…

There are so many sales these days, that it actually seems more noteworthy when there aren’t any going on 🙂

Here is a quick round-up of NKS products/developers that have sales going on right now.

Project Sam have their 30% sale on all of their libraries including the signature Symphobia line up,so if you’ve been impressed or inspired by their free Orchestra, now is the opportunity to go mega with the full products.
more can be found at:

Applied Acoustic Systems

AAS have just announced their 50% and more sale, more if you are an existing customer and need to top up on missing expansions, but also a nice chance to buy into their collection of physical modelling products that include, Chromaphone 3, Multiphonics CV-1, String Studio VS-3, Ultra Analog VA-3, Objeq Delay (FX Plugin),Strum GS-2 , Lounge Lizard EP-4
More at:

D16 Group

D16 Group have 40% off of their product range, some of which are NKS compatible with the addition of Freelance Soundlabs NKS packs, in particular, punchbox
punchbox (bass drum designer), lush-101 (Roland SH101 Clone), nepheton (TR808 Emulation), drumazon (TR909 Clone), phoscyon (TB303 Emulation)
Details at:

Orange Tree Samples Summer Group Buy

Well respected as one of the best guitar sample library creators, it’s the annual group buy with up to 60% off
Details at:

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