iZotope AddOfficial NKS Support To Free Vinyl Plugin

iZotope AddOfficial NKS Support To Free Vinyl Plugin

iZotope’s popular Vinyl plugin has been free for a long time now, and there has already been NKS suppport created by users, however the plugin has recently seen a relaunch with a new lo-fi and spin down modes added, as well as official NKS support from iZotope themselves with 20 presets.

Vinyl x NKS as the plugin is now known, can be downloaded free from the iZotope website, you will need an account to do so, and the product is also authorised with a supplied serial number, but via the installer rather than through Native Access.

Unfortunately the Vinyl installer does not appear to be very accessible, so some help might be needed to get it up and running.

As an existing user of the Vinyl plugin, I have so far found that my existing serial seems to also work with the new version, or at least we haven’t been prompted to add the new one here, nor could we find an edit box to enter the new one!

Here is a link to the iZotope Vinyl x NKS Product Page:

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