SoundIron Emotional Piano Free Expansion Pack 1

SoundIron Emotional Piano Free Expansion Pack 1

I mentioned last week that SoundIron have released an expansion pack of 20 additional presets for their excelent Emotional Piano,

I have now got the link, and installed them and can confirm they are worth having, particularly when they are free!

Installation is simple, the link takes you to a dropbox archive where you can download the archive file, simply unpack and place the expansion pack 1 folder into your instruments folder within the Emotional Piano product folder, run a rescan (I had to do a manual one which is common for add on packs such as this), and they then show up in your preset list!

Here is a link to the preset download, and also SoundIron’s walkthrough, apologies it’s one day late for the 88th day of the year… Piano day!

Emotional Piano Expansion Download link

Expansion Pack Playthrough

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