SUB51 Release New Panic Room Library

SUB51 Release New Panic Room Library

UK based developer SUB51 have now released their latest product, Panic Room is a very affordably priced Kontakt library that will also feature NKS integration via snapshots, to provide four pages of control over EQ, Pan, Tuning, Reverb, Delay and ADSR.

The library explores the concept of a surreal, scary and potentially threatening environment outside the safety of a Panic Room!

There are 101 24bit presets featuring sound design patches, with a further 45 bonus presets that include a host of real world and foley sounds, leaning toward unsettling and surreal atmospheres, the library will lend itself well to film and game design projects.

You can expect a full review from KK-Access in the very near future!

Panic room is available at an introductory price of £11.25 at

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