Emergence Audio Release Clarinet Textures

Emergence Audio Release Clarinet Textures



Emergence Audio have just released their latest Textures library, which this time turns it’s attention to the Woodwind family.



Clarinet Textures uses their unique INFINITE MOTION ENGINE™ to sculpt and shape the sound in which the Clarinet is taken on a voyage of discovery revealing new textures and sonic possibilities.



The updated and more accessible NKS mapping template is once again present which has been featured in the more recent releases such as Source Code, Infinite Steel Tongue, & Infinite Bird Whistle, and further builds on the success of Violin Textures, Cello Textures & Soprano Textures all of which are also scheduled to receive this newer NKS template in due course.



There is an introductory price of $64.00 (usually $99.00), for Clarinet Textures, which if you are a creator of ambient music is certainly worth a look and listen.



Checkout the product page for audio examples and detailed descriptions of the included articulations.



Here is the product trailer:



Here is a detailed product walkthrough:



Here is the product page:

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