BASSYNTH By Wave Alchemy Is On Flash Sale

BASSYNTH By Wave Alchemy Is On Flash Sale



If you happen to be looking for a Bass Synth library that has NKS and runs in Kontakt player, then Wave Alchemy might have come up with the goods for you if you are quick.


Until Saturday 11th March, you can grab BASSYNTH, their popular Bass library for the super low price of just £28.00,which is a floor shaking 71% off the usual price!


This thing has some serious sub bass going on, which I recall when reviewing it at the time of release back in August 2019.


It’s a little short on NKS controls, but has a bunch of presets which in combination with the low price may make it tempting.


Redeem this deal by using coupon code: BASS28 at checkout.


You will also receive a free copy of their Claps & Stacks sample pack.


Here is a link to our original NKS accessibility review:


Here is the Bassynth Product Page:

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