Nuphoric Elements By SUB 51

Nuphoric Elements By SUB 51 Review

SUB51 are back with another affordable NKS compatible library, this time in collaboration with UK based music producer, Farsi, to bring us another retro flavoured collection of bass loops, fx and one-shots, keys/synth/pad loops, vox chops, drum loops, and tops.

Tech Specs…

Nuphoric Elements requires the full version of Kontakt 6.4 or above (Note not Kontakt Player compatible).

There are 19 Kontakt NKI preset files, and these are also replicated with NKSN snapshots created with Komplete Kontrol in mind, however I would recommend putting these aside and sticking with the NKI files to avoid the ‘missing content’ dialogs we inevitably run into when loading scanned snapshot files on the user side of Komplete Kontrol.

Komplete Kontrol Plug-In Edit Parameter Mappings

Page One

Knob 1 – Master Volume
Knob 2 – Master Pan
Knob 3 – Master Tune
Knob 4 – Velocity
Knob 5 – Low Pass Filter Cut-Off
Knob 6 – Low Pass Filter Resonance
Knob 7 – High Pass Filter Cut-Off
Knob 8 – High Pass Resonance

Page Two –

Knob 1 – Lo-Fi Rate
Knob 2 – Lo-Fi Bits
Knob 3 – Envelope Attack
Knob 4 – Envelope Decay
Knob 5 – Envelope Sustain
Knob – 6 – Envelope Release
Knob 7 – Reverb Pre Delay
Knob 8 – Reverb Decay

Page Three

Knob 1 – Reverb Dry
Knob 2 – Reverb Wet
Knob 3 – Delay Feedback
Knob 4 – Delay Time
Knob 5 – Delay Dry
Knob 6 – Delay Wet
Knob 7 – Tube Input
Knob 8 – Tube Saturation

Page Four

Knob 1 – Tube Compression
Knob 2 – Tube Attack
Knob 3 – Tube Character
Knob 4 – Tube Mix
Knob 5 – Tube Release
Knob 6 – Tube Output
Knob 7 – LFO Sine Frequency
Knob 8 – LFO Sine Fade In

Page Five

Knob 1 – LFO Triangle Frequency
Knob 2 – LFO Triangle Fade
Knob 3 – Trans limiter Threshold
Knob 4 – Trans Limiter Release
Knob 5 – Trans Limiter Ceiling
Knob 6 – Trans Limiter Output
Knob 7 – Sample Start
Knob 8 – Unallocated


As mentioned this is a Kontakt based library, however SUB51 are always mindful of accessibility needs, and take the time to ensure that user interface controls are available for host automation, and even map everything to Komplete Kontrol hardware knobs for ease of access.

SUB51 have prefixed all of the available NKI presets with the letters ‘N E’, which when scanned into the user side of Komplete Kontrol will ensure they are banded together in KK’s alphabetical Kontakt preset list. This makes the installation and usage process much easier, it’s always good practice to do a batch re save on the root library folder, and everything should then be golden!

I should also mention that SUB51 have also taken the time to provide detailed explanations of all of the mapped parameters in their rtf document, something I seldom see within user manuals, even from the big guns of the sample library industry!

Nuphoric Elements In Use…

As with other SUB51 libraries the premise is not to deliver radically new never before heard cutting edge sample content, indeed you will instantly be familiar with many of the sounds within this library, originating as they do from retro and analog equipment and instruments, there is a distinctively 90’s vibe going on here, so there are no real surprises which is fine as you will know from the outset what to be expecting, with euphoric, chill out and ambient music fields being the genres of primary influence.

There is some melodic content, bass lines and synth riffs, which may appeal to some users, these are assigned to a single key so changing pitch although possible is limited to doing so via the single tuning control parameter.

SUB51 make good use of the Kontakt 6 built in FX, with reverb, delay, bitcrush, saturation and tube among some of those available.

There are instantly recognisable classic drum machine kicks, snares, claps, hats and cymbals, which can be used to create your own kits across several loaded instances, so this would offer the potential of applying the FX solely to an individual drum sound.

Going Loopy…

Some of the presets have loop based material, such as the aforementioned melodic sequences, but also drum patterns and tops (high end percussion loops), these all come in both free play and tempo synced varieties (there is also a folder containing the midi files used to generate this content).

Also to be found are some nice rhythmic vocal stutters, and other more general effects.


This is yet another very affordable library from SUB51, again neither an evolution or revolution, but one of those back pocket products that may well add an extra layer or dimension to a track.

The strength lay in it’s affordability, costing as it does around a comparible price to a typical sample pack.

Additional value comes in having the extensive Komplete Kontrol hardware driven access to key sound processing parameters which makes it somewhat more useful than your average off the shelf sample pack.

The extra efforts that SUB51 always put into accessibility is noteworthy, from the naming conventions of the presets for ease of KK integration, the detailed descriptions of parameter mappings in the manual and outstanding and extensive replication of the user interface controls to KK knobs is certainly appreciated and always welcome.

Nuphoric Elements Kontakt instrument is priced at £14.96, WAV only files will be £11.96 until 7 December, and will cost £19.95 and £15.95 respectively thereafter.

SUB51 Web site:

(c) Chris Ankin
13th November, 2020


The author accepts no responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this article,or Any inaccuracies found within this review. All opinions or product functions stated are based solely on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product or gathered from official factual sources on the web or product manual.

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