Latest Freelance Soundlabs News

Latest Freelance Soundlabs News

UVI Falcon 2.1 Update

An update is now available for Falcon users that includes the latest 100 presets released with Falcon 2.1
You can download this from your User > My Downloads menu after login, just go to the UVI tab and download the latest zip file for the Falcon NKS Library. Quick link to the download page here (You need to login to access):

You will find a new 2.1 bank available in the NKS browser to browse these latest previews.

UVI Synth Anthology 3

Jason has the new Synth Anthology 3 release and this will be created at some stage but just as UVI do with all their updates, they create a whole new UFS library which is always incompatible with anything created with the previous version. This includes NKS files which will not work on the new UFS library.
Jason dislikes UVI for this approach as it means if you want to maintain compatibility with older DAW projects you have to have SA2 installed as well which is kind of stupid since all the content is available in SA3 and it wastes huge amounts of HDD space. 
The update will require creating the NKS files from scratch as there is no way he can find to update them to work with a new UFS library so it will be available but is a huge task that will take a long time to create all the templates and files again from scratch. 

If you are an existing UVI Synth Anthology 2 owner, today is the final day to pick up the upgrade offer price of $49.00 to version 3.

Cherry Audio DCO-106

There is now an NKS library available for the Cherry Audio DCO-106 instrument with the usual image, database and sound previews.

Banks have been created for the included original Juno patch banks for ease of browsing and all presets have had additional hand tagging.

This synth is currently on offer at Plugin Boutique for around £18.00, so if you feel in need of some retro synth keys, you may wish to treat yourself!

 Cherry Audio CA2600?

There will also hopefully be a NKS library released soon for the CA2600 which Jason owns but has not yet looked into, hopefully it is not too hard to do.
This Arp 2600 emulation is also on offer at Plugin Boutique, again for around £18.00, but bear in mind you will need to wait for Jason to create the NKS files, so more of an investment!

Bassalicious NKS

Last but not least, some Gospel Musicians owners will have their prayers answered (pun intended!) with the release of Bassalicious NKS, which has finally been converted to NKS after many requests and some assistance from the fantastic Jamal at Gospel Musicians.

It has full mapping (apart from the modular effects), tagging, sound previews etc.
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