Komplete Kontrol Extended Macros Now Available For macOS…

Komplete Kontrol Extended Macros Now Available For macOS…

Jason Dasent who is known for his existing Keyboard Maestro Macro solution for the Native Instruments Maschine device, has now set his focus on making the Komplete Kontrol standalone application fully accessible using the same means.

In a recent demonstration he showed how by use of his macros, he was able to accessibly and easily change and fix incorrect settings for the randomly flaky Komplete Kontrol sustain pedal issue on the KK MK2, and once more successfully get things working again.

Jason stated that his new Komplete Kontrol macros will now cover everything within the midi tab and preferences tabs found within the standalone application software, making it possible for blind & visually impaired users to delve into these deeper settings without any of the previous reliance on sighted assistance.

Although currently this Keyboard Maestro based solution is only available for macOS , Jason says there are nevertheless plans to further extend support to the Windows platform, and thus bring parity to both systems.

Jason has recently also made some major revisions to his existing Native Instruments Maschine macros, which now boast the ability to accessibly fully cover all aspects of efficiently creating and composing with this hugely popular music making device.

Again Jason has plans to make a much desired Windows access version available, along with further macro based solutions for other popular industry software.

For further information and pricing contact Jason at the following address:


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