Orange Tree Samples Announce 2020 Group Buy!

Orange Tree Samples Announce 2020 Group Buy!

Gosh! can it really be a whole year since the last one?

Well the answer is yes, as Orange Tree Samples have today launched their annual group buy, this time for savings up to 50%, that’s a little less than last year if I’m not mistaken!

For the uninitiated this is an opportunity to add Orange Tree libraries to your account wish list with no obligation to purchase at the end, however by registering your interest along with other customers, various discount levels get unlocked, until the end date on June 30th, whereupon you can then choose to add them to your basket and pick them up for whatever maximum discount has been reached.

There is sometimes the opportunity to grab a couple of small freebie libraries along the way, but not too sure if this is on the cards this time,

Orange Tree are regarded by many as the best Guitar sample libraries on the market, and there are quite a few models to choose from in their collection.

One downside though, despite our best efforts and campaigning the NKS mapping is sadly still reduced to just a couple of pages, down from the original 13 or so, I don’t want to drag all this up again here, but just wanted the many new Komplete Kontrol owners who have joined us in the last year to be aware.

Here is the link to checkout the deal:

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