Rob Papen Updates New Quad Synth for NKS Including Explorer 6 Package…

Rob Papen Updates New Quad Synth for NKS Including Explorer 6 Package…

QUAD was the first-ever Rack Extension synthesizer built from the ground up for Reason, and has recently been released as a VST product in it’s own right.

Although the synth did not have NKS support on the initial release, as with all Rob Papen instrument products he has been true to his word and now updated it with NKS support which includes over 800 presets.

Unfortunately at the time of writing I have not been able to persuade him to extend this to cover his excellent range of FX plug-ins, so anything on this front for the time being is only likely to come from a third party provider.

The current version of Explorer which is version 6 features all of his products including effects and is akin to Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate in respect of it being an all product bundle.

Instrumentwise it includes Blue 2, GoTo, RAW & RAW Kick, Punch BD, Punch 1 &2, Vecto, Predator 2, Quad, B.I.T, RG, Sub Boom Bass 1 & 2 and Blade.

It is certainly a good value package if you are into synthesizers and there are discounts applied to the Explorer package if you already own 1 or more products, in fact the discounts can outweigh the cost of buying a couple of lower cost items like Goto and an effect plug to qualify.

Rob Papen Website:
Also available from Vendors such as Plug-in Boutique.

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