Heavyocity Mosaic Bass

Heavyocity Mosaic Bass

KK-Access Review

Heavyocity get down to basics in this brand new edition to their Mosaic series…

New York based Heavyocity have certainly been keeping busy under lockdown, both compiling their excellent Stayhome donationware loop pack, and also putting the finishing touches to this their third in the Mosaic series.

Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices are now joined by Mosaic Bass which promises to deliver the Heavyocity signature sound to the low frequency range. This library differs from the existing GP6 Scoring Bass in that the sounds found within are for the most part perceivably synth driven, and can certainly succeed in landing a Tyson style knockout body blow punch when it comes to crunchy, growly and gnarled bass tones.

Tech Specs…

Running in both Kontakt full and Kontakt player 6.2, the library will occupy (2.34 GB of hard drive space in it’s compressed NCW format.

There is one Mosaic Bass master NKI preset file, and a further 197 snapshots which supply the presets you will encounter within Komplete Kontrol.

Download & Installation…

Download comes courtesy of the Heavyocity Portal which is pretty accessible with a screen reader, better I understand on MAC, on Windows using NVDA OCR the product name does not appear to be announced, fortunately sighted help was at hand, but of course we will not be on lockdown forever, so some improvements could be made here.

Once the download has completed, the portal will have unpacked and assembled your Mosaic Bass product folder, which can then be placed on your sample drive if not already, and then registered in the usual manner with Native Access.

A rescan of Komplete Kontrol in standalone seals the deal, and you will then be all set to get down and dirty!

Komplete Kontrol Browser & Plug-in Edit Controls…


Knob 1 & 2 – Vendor & Product
Knob 3 – Bank: Mellow, Aggressive
Knob 4 – Sub Bank: Playables, Rhythms, Pads
Knob 5 – Type: Bass
Knob 6 – Sub Type: Synth
Knob 7 – Character: Deep, Evolving, Sample Based, Sub, Tempo Synced
Knob 8 – Preset

Plug-in Edit NKS Controls

Page One – Macro Control & Modulation

Knob 1 – Macro Control
Knob 2 to 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Modulation On/Off
Knob 6 – Modulation Amount
Knob 7 & 8 – Unallocated

Page Two – Channel 1, Channel 2 & Channel 3

Knob 1 – Channel 1 Volume
Knob 2 – Channel 1 Pan
Knob 3 – Channel 2 Volume
Knob 4 – Channel 2 Pan
Knob 5 – Channel 3 Volume
Knob 6 – Channel 3 Pan
Knob 7 & 8 – Unallocated

Page Three – Punish & Filter

Knob 1 – Punish On/Off
Knob 2 – Punish Amount
Knob 3 & 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Filter On/Off
Knob 6 – Filter Cut-off
Knob 7 – Filter Resonance
Knob 8 – Unallocated

Page Four – Delay & Reverb

Knob 1 – Delay On/Off
Knob 2 – Feedback
Knob 3 – Damp
Knob 4 – Amount
Knob 5 – Reverb On/Off
Knob 6 – Pre-Delay
Knob 7 – Size
Knob 8 – Mix

Page Five – E.Q

Knob 1 – E.Q On/Off
Knob 2 – Low
Knob 3 – Low Mid Gain
Knob 4 – Low Mid Frequency
Knob 5 – High Mid Gain
Knob 6 – High Mid Frequency
Knob 7 – High
Knob 8 – Unallocated


I always find myself yearning for more NKS controls to be mapped within Heavyocity products, naturally I accept that some of the more complex features such as the GUI’s built-in sample selection browser and sequencing features do not readily lend themselves to assignment to the Komplete Kontrol hardware knobs.

It would however be great to have things like ADSR and Channel tuning added to an additional page or two. Actually inspection of the host automat able parameters of the Mosaic Bass master NKI file loaded on it’s own within Kontakt, did reveal that tuning was available, but sadly not ADSR, so this is something that would need a bit more of an update to address from our accessibility standpoint.

At fear of repetition from previous Heavyocity reviews, I do however continue to appreciate the abundance of presets these guys include with their libraries. If I’m honest with myself it would be doubtful I could recreate the level of masterful sound design and distinctive sound delivered with the presets, but nevertheless the desire still remains to tweak the odd parameter here and there.

Mosaic Bass – Reaching A New Low…

As I mentioned in the preface of the review , the sound of Mosaic Bass is certainly heavily synth driven, there are however certain organic elements present upon closer inspection.

You can for example, when in edit mode, mute any of the three available sound source channels to perform your own audio autopsy of how a preset is constructed. This method of deconstruction reveals all manner of the weird and wonderful, and highlights the importance of blending sounds to create something quite unique and original.

On the surface this might not be immediately obvious, but just as if you were to take the ingredients of Nutmeg, Bayleaf or Turmeric out of a given recipe it would not be quite the same without them,, make no mistake, the Chefs at Heavyocity have cooked up some great sounds here!

The modwheel on your controller magically transforms itself into the synth equivalent of the throttle on a Harley Davidson, there is a distinct sense of throbbing power that gets unleashed when the assigned filters open up and the variations of cut-off and resonance scream out of your monitors, this is bleeding edge bass that cannot easily be ignored within a mix, or least of all by your neighbours!


There will be a link as usual at the review footer to the library walk through, one of which is for the presets, but to summarise a little in advance here, Heavyocity fans should not be disappointed with the content.

The sounds are broadly split into two banks, Mellow and Aggressive, although with title headings seemingly so diverse, there is sure to be some crossover which will happily straddle both camps.

There are some great dusty sounding analog pads, that could be straight out of a long forgotten locked attic, it’s almost as if you had discovered your Grandfathers old damaged Moog, with dirt and grime and drifting oscillators, some of the sounds purvey a feeling of antiquity.

There are of course the favourite trademark tempo synced rhythmic patches, which always work well across many levels, whether it’s adding underscore movement to a tension track, or the driving force behind an action chase scene, there are a good helping of signature sound examples here.

One preset I pulled apart called ‘Gently Into The Night’, I swear had an idling New York Taxi engine assigned as the sample source for channel three, which I may just have to use in the future on it’s own as a foley sound !

Although we are unable to access it for ourselves, the modulation matrix has been put to good use within many of the presets, typically as a patch evolves over time, it introduces additional tonal and rhythmic elements that can greatly enhance the timbre, texture and in the case of tempo synced presets, the rhythmic content of a sound.

Heavyocity no longer seem to make use of keyswitching within the Mosaic series, this is a bit of a shame as I really liked the FX assignments included in some older libraries. Keyswitching could also be a useful way of perhaps jumping between 8th , 16th or triplet times for tempo synced rhythmic presets in a performance scenario.

Aggro Bass…

The bank containing the presets deemed as Aggressive very much hold Mosaic Basses darker side )although to my ears Mellow is not exactly the stuff of fairy tales unless you are extolling the storytelling virtues of Brothers Grimm!).

There are spiky super saws aplenty (not an easy phrase to say with a lisp and a mouthful of popcorn!), subs, wobbles, resonance sweeps and pulses, all with various degrees of FX nastiness, and all of which further exemplify Heavyocity’s hybrid cinematic legacy beautifully, .


I would love to have seen some additional parameters made available via NKS to help blind & visually impaired users extend and exploit the creative potential of the library a little further.

Having said this, the nearly 200 presets provide plenty of material to find homes for themselves in the cinematic, trailer, game and media genre of music production.

If you already have Heavyocity libraries in your collection, Mosaic Bass will certainly compliment them perfectly, there are some great audio examples of such combinations on the Mosaic Bass product page which have been written by the team. However just this library in combination with their Damage drums could alone provide enough dynamic low end to make your subwoofer take itself on an unauthorised stroll through your studio door!

Mosaic Bass is a library Heavyocity fans are likely to want in their armoury, and is equally well worth consideration if you just want to add low end frequencies of the hybrid cinematic style to your sample library portfolio.

Mosaic Bass from Heavyocity can be purchased directly from the Heavyocity Website.
For a limited time, Heavyocity is offering Mosaic Bass for $99 (reg. $119).
In addition, the Mosaic Bundle, which includes Mosaic Keys, Mosaic Voices, and Mosaic Bass, will be available for $249 (reg. $357).
Offers end May 30, 2020.

Mosaic Bass Product Page:

Mosaic Bass

Mosaic Bass Content Overview:

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Mosaic Bass Demo Walkthrough:

Mosaic Bass User Manual:

Mosaic Bass

(c) Chris Ankin
May 22nd 2020


The author accepts no responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this article,or Any inaccuracies found within this review. All opinions or product functions stated are based soly on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product or gathered from official factual sources on the web or product manual.

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