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SonoKinetic’s latest release signals not only the start of a new series of sound design orientated toolkit products, but also a never before seen level of NKS accessibility we could previously only have had on our collective wish list.

IBRIDO CINEMATICA is a hybrid cinematic library that flexibly allows the user to shape and create their own risers, hits, downers, drones and atmospheres from a collection of carefully curated open source wav files, opening the door to a fantastic creative workflow.

SonoKinetic Access…

For the last couple of years SonoKinetic have been working extra hard to make their libraries as inclusive as possible. No mean feat considering that their output revolves predominantly around phrase based orchestral libraries, and of course as we all know Komplete Kontrol and the NKS standard does not allow for text or voice feedback when working within the plug-in edit side of the KK browser.

That was until, SonoKinetic with their blue sky thinking, cleverly bent the rules a little, and scripted a phrase audition engine which enabled the user to select and make their own choice of available sample phrases, in a similar way to the existing Komplete Kontrol pre hear feature.

Noir was the first library to gain this feature, and following this success, new and many older products were gradually updated.

The system was pushed a little further with the release of The Bells Collection, which enabled the blind and visually impaired user to select from a range of microphone options this time using a pre recorded sample voice to announce the plethora of microphone types.


IBRIDO CINEMATICA , takes this enhanced accessibility a huge leap further, adding a more extensive and detailed sampled speech description engine, which not only tells you what controls and options you are focused upon, but on some parameters actually announces real world numeric values and times.

For the sound designers among you IBRIDO CINEMATICA, really opens up the opportunity to conjure up and forge some hybrid trailer style material that you can truly call your own.

Working with combinations from a set pool of samples, and rather than simply giving you lots of presets to modify, you just get one master NKI file as a starting point from which to paint your audio masterpiece from the ground up, or down if you prefer that option.

Under normal circumstances we would be heaping major criticism upon a product that provided the user with just one preset out of the box, in fact I can say we probably would not even take the time to review such a library.

In stark contrast however, the whole ethos behind IBRIDO CINEMATICA is targeted squarely at user creativity, time passes very quickly as you delve into and explore the various categories and phrases which make up the libraries content.

Tech Specs…

IBRIDO CINEMATICA requires either the full version of Kontakt 6.2 and above, or the equivalent free Kontakt player, being NKS compatible it will work within Komplete Kontrol.

The library is 3.27Gb in size, and in a conscious effort to be as flexible as possible, the 24bit 44.1 kHz samples are in open wav files which will further allow users to drop them into other applications.

Download & Installation…

SonoKinetic have recently become one of Native Instruments preferred curated developers, a benefit of which means that we can now download, install manage and update any owned products directly through Native Access.

This as we know makes things a whole lot easier, no more dealing with clunky third party software managers (not that SonoKinetic’s was ever inaccessible I should clarify!), but it does make the whole installation process much simpler and pretty much a one step operation.

Komplete Kontrol Browser & Plug-In Edit Pages…


Knob 1 & 2 – Vendor & Product
Knob 3 & 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Type: Sound FX, Soundscapes
Knob 6 – Sub Types: Distortion, Noise, Other FX, Shots, Ambivalent, Destructive, Gloomy, Heavenly, Hypnotising, Insanity
Knob 7 – Character: Airy, Bright, Dark, Deep, Dirty, Distorted, Evolving, Lead, Processed, Riser, Sample Based, Stabs & Hits,
Knob 8 – Preset

The eagle-eyed among you will have recalled my saying that there was only one preset to be found within IBRIDO CINEMATICA , this still stands true, so why the extensive set of types and sub types that ultimately lead to just the one preset? I can only speculate that this perhaps sets out the stall for possible expansion sets in the future, however IBRIDO CINEMATICA is capable of producing all of these genres as things already stand, it’s just that you need to create them for yourself.

Plug-in Edit NKS Controls

Page One – Slot Configuration & Access

Knob 1 – Slot Selection
Knob 2 – Theme
Knob 3 – Category
Knob 4 – Phrase
Knob 5 – Apply
Knob 6 – Randomise
Knob 7 – Slot Configuration/Erase
Knob 8 – Access Audio

Page Two – Select, Modulation & Shape Mod

Knob 1 – Select Slot
Knob 2 – Modulation Reset
Knob 3 – Modulation Type
Knob 4 – Shape
Knob 5 – Shape Mod Adjustment
Knob 6 – Depth
Knob 7 – Width
Knob 8 – Offset

Page Three – Select, Key Range & Envelope

Knob 1 – Slot Select
Knob 2 – Key Range Reset
Knob 3 – Low Key Set
Knob 4 – High Key Set
Knob 5 – Envelope Attack
Knob 6 – Envelope Release
Knob 7 – Link
Knob 8 – Unallocated

Page Four – Select, Play Method, Start Point & Loop

Knob 1 – Slot Select
Knob 2 – Play Method Adjust
Knob 3 & 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Start Point Position
Knob 6 – Loop Start Point
Knob 7 – Loop End Point
Knob 8 – Loop type

Page Five – Randomise, Reset & Voiceover

Knob 1 – Randomise Everything
Knob 2 – Randomise All Slots
Knob 3 – Randomise All Mods
Knob 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Reset All Mods
Knob 6 – Unallocated
Knob 7 – Voiceover Volume
Knob 8 – Voiceover Delay


I began the review by extolling the virtues of SonoKinetics unprecedented approach to accessibility, but to put a little more flesh on the bone here, I will also explain how they have gone several extra miles to make IBRIDO CINEMATICA super inclusive for us.

The accessibility system is built around the addition of a set of bespoke audio voice samples, that have been enabled for playback on the edit side of the Komplete Kontrol browser.

Extending this audio audition feature to play these specially created voice samples that are linked to parameter selection and adjustment was the next logical step beyond the original introduction and application of this technique in libraries such as Noir.

To clarify a question I was asked when I first posted about the library, despite the term ‘Voiceover’ being used, this has absolutely nothing to do with Apple voiceover, so the speech you hear will be the same on both Windows and MAC systems.

The accessibility system can be switched to completely off, so as not to annoy our sighted counterparts, or we can choose to hear just the phrase preview sounds, the third option ‘Voiceover On’ provides us with all the audio options of speech plus phrases.

There is also an independent volume control for the speech, along with a delay setting to adjust how quickly the voice responds to the KK touch controls.


Mexican sound designer Juan Pablo Naranjo was the producer on this library, and he worked closely with SonoKinetic to bring together an extensive range of organic and foley sounds, which have been lovingly processed and crafted to deliver that hybrid sound.

There is no shortage of material with which to tinker with here, everything you would expect and hope to find from the genre, hits, drops, whooshes, glitches, drones and atonal washes are all among the stock of ingredients ready and waiting to be thrown into the cooking pot to serve up your own tasty audio recipes.

Designing Sounds With IBRIDO CINEMATICA …

IBRIDO CINEMATICA is really intuitive to use, the concept being to add your choice of sample to any or all of the four available sample playback slots.

There are a variety of categories to work with, and in some respects this is akin to how we filter sounds in the Komplete Kontrol instrument browser.

First the Theme section has headings such as Ambiences, Shorts, Noise & Drops and Shine & Crush. Next make a choice from the category knob, Atonal Spheres, Morphing, Evolving, Hits & Impacts, and Glitches to name but a few (each theme has it’s own unique set of stylized derivatives).

Lastly, from the Phrase section, you can make your choice of sound sample, (there are some 360 divided through the sections) and here you will find 30 to choose from in each category. You then apply that phrase to one of the four slots to lock the phrase in place, which can of course easily be erased later if you change your mind!

Delving Still Deeper…

This is only the start of the sonic adventure, as you can then go on to the editing and modulation sections to adjust the Volume, Pan, Pitch and Reverb as well as start and release envelope, sample offset, loop start and end points with their associated modulation shapes.

Thoughtfully each of the NKS pages has a slot selection control, so you can switch between the sound you are working on without having to return to page one, saving you time and wear & tear on your faithful Komplete Kontrol keyboard!

Key Ranges…

By default when a sample is loaded into a slot, the sound is spread over a significant part of your keyboard. You can however define a range for which you want the sound to be playable within, and this is done using the low and high key controls. The voice will guide you in setting this range, diligently reporting each note on your keyboard as you turn the dial, this can be done for one or all of the four sound slots.

This feature even on it’s own is a really clever scripting innovation, other developers take note, it’s a potential solution for positioning awkwardly placed groups of keyswitches which could never be done accessibly before!

Throwing The Dice…

In the unlikely event that you happen to run out of inspiration, there are controls to randomise individual elements or indeed everything if you wish, and if you are not using it out of writers block desperation, this can certainly serve as an excellent starting point for making your next preset.

Create Then Curate…

I quite like the fact that IBRIDO CINEMATICA comes with no presets, it encourages you to roll up your sleeves and immediately begin to start sculpting your own sounds.

Instead of the usual scenario of sometimes laboriously plowing through a libraries supplied presets to find something that matches the sounds in your head, (which can be time consuming if working to a deadline). This approach will be ultimately more satisfying and rewarding when you are content in the knowledge that you made that preset yourself, and before realising it you will soon be on the way to making your own personal hybrid FX sound Set!

Thoughts & Conclusions…

I think that my enthusiasm for IBRIDO CINEMATICA has been quite apparent throughout this review. Whether the subject matter of the library floats your boat or not of course depends on whether you can make use of these type of sounds in your work.

The dedicated accessibility is what truly excites me here, the level of scripting in terms of NKS access is completely unparalleled by anything I have seen from any other developer. Dare I say that it even delivers solutions to shortfalls within Komplete Kontrol Kontakt libraries that Native Instruments are yet to address when it comes to spoken feedback for the plug-in edit side of the Komplete Kontrol ecosystem, although of course I accept the onus is largely upon individual developers to implement this when it comes to Kontakt sample libraries.

I have never adopted a star rating for the reviews I have penned under the guise of KK-Access, as I believe they can often be personal and subjective to the reviewer, instead I endeavour to present the facts in an unbiased way to enable the reader to decide for themselves.

In this case however as a one time only offering, I award a full FIVE STARS! and a heartfelt Well done and thanks to SonoKinetic, Great work, this being a standard of access we can only hope for from others going forward!

Ibrido Cinematica from SonoKinetic can be purchased from the SonoKinetic website, or from Native Instruments currently with a 30% introductory discount for £60.20

Ibrido Cinematica Product Page:

Native Instruments Current Promotion Page:

Ibrido Cinematica tutorial Overview with Reuben Cornell:

Ibrido Cinematica Tutorial Playthrough:

(c) Chris Ankin
May 2nd, 2020


The author accepts no responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this article,or Any inaccuracies found within this review. All opinions or product functions stated are based soly on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product or gathered from official factual sources on the web or product manual.

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