Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs…

Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs…

Freelance Soundlabs have opened 2020 with new NKS pack releases for popular products.

First up comes the Korg Triton NKS pack, which adds support for Korg’s newly released soft synth (currently on offer until January 16th).

The pack includes fully tagged presets for all of the current factory content and expansions covering around 4000 presets.

Next comes two expannsions for Falcon. Plurality and Titanium are again fully tagged and offer NKS controller maps.

Finally although not currently released Freelance Soundlabs do plan to release an NKS pack for UVI Vintage Vault 3, which as many may may be aware is currently on intro pricing and contains an incredible 10,000 presets. Jason hopes to have this pack released around March this year, so interested parties may wish to take advantage of the current discount price of the main pproduct.


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