Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs…

Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs…

Jason from Freelance Soundlabs has been busy once again and released several new NKS packs in time for the holidays!

sonivox singles

Atsia Percussion, BlueJay Drums, Bright Electric Guitar, Classic Bass, FM Piano, Harmonica, Harpsichord, Session Drums 1, Silk Road Percussion and Taylor Acoustic Guitar
All of the above can be purchased as individual libraries or as a complete bundle

GForce Imposcar

All 1400 presets for this synth have now been processed for NKS

Neo Soul Keys 2

New NKS pack available

Soundspot Union

Three new expansions for the recently added bargain priced synth are now NKS compatible, adding Leads, Pads and Stabs to the collection

Link to Freelance Soundlabs Page:

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