SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas Sale

SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas Sale

SonoKinetic have been running their annual 12 days of Christmas sale which began this week, and features some great discounts on their products,

Today’s offering is for their Belss Collection which contains several chime instruments, which can also be purchased separately, including yes you’ve guessed it some great Sleighbells!

the unique feature for this set of libraries is that it uses their bespoke Aligned Microphone Set-up technique, and this is represented within the edit section of the plug-ins with some very clever scripting that allows spoken audio feedback for us to select microphone types.

We reviewed the library last year around this time, and many KK users have already picked it up, however there have been many new readers and list members this year, so a reminder is in order.

Here is the review link:

Finally here is the SonoKinetic Sale Page:


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