Latest August NKS News From Freelance Soundlabs…

Latest August NKS News From Freelance Soundlabs…

Jason has once again been busy converting a number of popular plugins over to NKS, in the last few weeks we have seen Air Music Transfuser 2 , Izotope Iris 2 and Initial Audio Sector all given the magic NKS wand!

today’s announcement brings us VI Labs Ravenscroft 275, Dexed Free FM synth VST by Digital Suburban and last but not least what surely will prove the most popular, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Expanded!

Jason explains ‘Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Expanded is finally now NKS ready which rounds out the whole Spectrasonics collection in NKS. This has been heavily requested for years and I finally found it at a good price so have managed to now create a full NKS library for it.
This covers all Suites, Multis, Kits and expansions in the “Expanded” collection, all sorted neatly into Banks. A detailed controller map covers most of the common controls that would be needed to fine tune the sounds and you will find a dedicated control for Suites, Kits and Multis’.

Here is a link to Freelance Soundlabs

Link to free Dexed FM synth VST by Digital Suburban

Link to Ravenscroft 275 by VI Labs

Link to Stylus RMX Xpanded

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