SoundIron Summer Sale Begins!

SoundIron Summer Sale Begins!

SoundIron have a very long history when it comes to creating sample libraries, and they have some high quality products in their catelogue, from orchestral, choirs, drums and Pianos, to the innovative and experimental yet imminently usable such as their sampled washing machine library Laundronium.

Now for the next two weeks there is an opportunity to get up to 33% off over 130 of their instore libraries.

NKS Products…

SoundIron have an extensive range of NKS ready libraries such as Ambius Prime, Antidrum Machine, Apocalypse Elements, Elysium Harp, Emotional Piano, Glitch Hero, Motor Rhythms, Olympus Elements, Requiem Light, Voices Of Gaia, Voices Of Rapture, Voices Of Rage, Mimi Page Light & Shadow, Hyperion Strings micro, and the very latest Elements edition.

As well as these official NKS libraries there are also a handful of products that have Kontakt parameter mappings that show up within Komplete Kontrol when scanned into the user side of the browser.

Among these are Aztec Death Whistle, Cathedral of Junk, Bronze Bin, Glass Beach, Sick 7 and my favourite Holy Ambiences, and these are all very affordable libraries to begin with.

Checkout the sale at the following link:

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