Heavyocity Summer Sale – up to 75% Off!

Heavyocity Summer Sale – up to 75% Off!

If the summer sales have not already squeezed your wallet like a sponge, Heavyocity the acknowledged masters of the hybrid cinematic genre, have today launched their own summer sale which runs until July 29th, there are some bargains to be had if you do not already own any of their libraries.

Particularly noteworthy are their Gravity Packs which are now just $49 each, or their flagship products such as Novo and Forzo are now $319, whilst Gravity is now $224.50

You will find detailed access reviews for many of the Gravity Packs, DM307 Drums, Forzo Brass, Gravity, GP6 Scoring Bass, and their very latest series Mosaic Keys in the reviews section of this website.

The link to the Heavyocity Products and Sales page is:

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