Project Sam Offer 50% Off Symphobia Titles For One Week!

Project Sam Easter Sale – 50% Off Symphobia Titles for One Week!

Project Sam rarely have sales, however they have announced a one week only reduction on their hugely popular and sought after Symphobia range of Orchestral libraries.

All are now NKS ready and offer a good palette of String, Brass and Woodwind sounds along with some superb orchestral sound designed presets which are great for film and trailer scoring.

They are normally pretty pricey libraries, so half price represents a good deal, if you are looking for just one Project Sam library, then Orchestral Essentials would be a great choice as it contains a very usable selection of everything, along with some fantastic Kontakt multi patches which often get overlooked.

I wrote a review for Symphobia One a while back, which is the legendary library that began the series and has been used in countless tv & film projects.

Checkout the review in the reviews section…

Finally here is a link to the Project Sam sales page

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