Latest NKS Preset Packs From Freelance Soundlabs

Freelance Soundlabs continue to be busy creating new NKS packs, here is the latest selection…

We have some new NKS libraries available:

boom nks
Air Music Technologies BOOM is now NKS ready. All kits have been saved to NKS with full control over each layer in each kit. Ideally lightguide would be great for this one but unfortunately not possible to implement at a user level, However, this NKS library adds the ability to browse, load and get going with each kit immediatly.

vacuum nks

Air Music Technologies Vacuum Classic is the monophonic version of Vacuum Pro which we have had available for NKS for some time. If you own the Vacuum Classic version you can now get NKS library files for it. All sounds have detailed tagging and the usual controller templates, sound previews and artwork.

grand piano nks

UVI Grand Piano Collection is now also NKS compatible with all models having a separate bank entry and each preset contains full controller maps. This NKS library will work with either Falcon or the free UVI Workstation with libraries for both plugins supplied, just download and install the one of interest.

world suite nks

UVI World Suite is now also NKS compatible. This was quite a challenge as every preset and instrument in the collection has a different controller mapping so a lot of manual time was needed to develop templates for each instrument. Banks have been created for the different instrument regions and all instruments have detailed tagging available. A library version for both Falcon and Workstation are available.

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