Native Instruments Voucher? – An Expansion Pack Could be the Answer!

The news that the new Massive X synth has been delayed until June this year, will be a bit of a disappointment for many of us looking forward to getting their hands on the next generation of what is arguably Native Instruments most popular and legendary synthesizer.

We can of course only hope that the delay offers the coders a good opportunity to build in and implement some improved accessiblity features, as this as far as I’m aware is the first new product release for a while that has been built completely from the ground up.

in the meantime eligible Komplete 12 owners will be receiving a voucher code in their inboxes by way of an apology , which is a welcome and appreciated gesture to help with those post holiday blues!

The value of the voucher, presented in the form of a redeemable code has been adjusted to be equal for all across world regions, here in the UK it’s £44.00, a value ideal for spending on a new Expansion Pack to further fuel your creativity during those dark winter nights!

Depending on which version of Komplete 12 you own, you will already own a few of these packs, so I thought I would pull together the expansions that are not currently included in Komplete 12 Ultimate collectors Edition, to help those looking to use up their voucher promptly. I have also included the URL for the Expansion Packs page (at the bottom of this post), so that you can skip through and identify holes in your collection should you have a different version of Komplete 12.

I have also added a brief description of each Expansion Pack as described by Native Instruments on the product page. Naturally you are under no obligation to use your voucher on an Expansion Pack as there are plenty of other great products that are eligible to spend it on (see terms and conditions).

Expansion Packs not currently included in Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition…

The deep-rooted sound of ‘90s soul – warm analogue synths, vintage hip-hop kits, and grooved-out basslines with a psychedelic touch.

Submerge in the sound of underground electro, with whiplashing beats, aquatic synths, and spacey pads.

Big, bold, and booming MASSIVE bass presets that will shake up your sound – whatever your genre.

Vinyl-inspired drums, sliced jazz interludes, lo-fi vintage chords, and booming bass bring the crate digging vibe of classic East Coast hip hop.

Unique sounds and drums for urban pop with a Caribbean twist.

The iconic sounds of reggae history’s rich musical legacy.

Perfectly cut mainstream electronica, with sharp basses, thick beats, shimmering synths, and flawless melodies.

The sound of tough underground dance music – the building blocks for muscular techno, tech-house, and minimal.

Gritty drums, stabbing basses, and acidic leads – the bold, club-pumping sound of modern electro house.

For all producers of forward-thinking, kinetic, cosmic beats from the leftfield, future-leaning side of hip-hop and beyond.

The soulful spirit of contemporary UK bass – grooves that summon you to the dancefloor and never let go.

The swinging, instrumental sound of 90s East Coast hip hop, using classic sampling techniques.

Seismic low end, brooding atmospheres, and full-throttle rhythms for the world of bass and breaks.

The relentless, energized sound of tech house with a pounding set of custom sounds.

Native Instruments Expansion Pack Page:

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