NKS Bargains for Under $20.00!

NKS at Under $20.00!

As the last embers of 2018 fade to a dull glow, the evidence of mince pie consumption are just a few crumbs on a festive plate, and the glass of Yuletide cheer is long empty, here are a few suprising last minute libraries that contain Komplete Kontrol parameter mappings at a bargain price, and you’ll not even need to wrestle with Native Access to use them, just scan into your user content path, and go!

You might need to be quick though, as some are part of year end sales!

First up, here are several contenders from Berlin based Rigid Audio. I guess these could be deemed construction kit or phrase based instruments, the idea is that they are loops split into sections across your keyboard that contain Bass, Melodic, Grooves and atmospheres. There are in some cases over 300 Kontakt NI files and also snapshots. When scanned into KK you have knob control of various parameters such as volume, pan E.Q, and filters for each section.

Whilst you might not want to consider writing your next album with these libraries, they can be fun to play with and some of the loops, both melodic and drum based might work well in a mix as a quick sonic filler for a rushed project.

Cinematic Sound Module

Trailer Scoring Companion

~Ambient Scoring Module


SoundIron are very well respected sample libry developers, and amongst their high end products are a large number of inexpensive libries starting from under $5.00, however there are 3 under “20 libraries that although do not quote NKS compatability actually do have NKS parameter mapping scripted into their Kontakt NKI files.

Aztec Death Whistle
Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but nevertheless has it’s uses in the right situation!

Glass Beach
Containing some great ocean, sand and general laid back ambient vibes, this one might just be what you’re looking for for that next chillout track!

Holy Ambiences
This one really is a gem at this price, works well for underpinning a busier musical score with a useful range of moods and genres

From the three above I recommend ‘Holy ambiences’, it’s a great sound design tool for creating atmospheric pads, from the mapped parameters you can select sample sounds for each of the four sound laers, tweak attack, release, offset and filter and generally conjure everything from laid back ambient sounds to some disturbing off key horror tones


Finally, Sonic Faction have a Futurism Hybrid expansion pack for $20.00 (there is 30% off this price with the code below), this pack is not quite as comprehensive as Native Instruments own expansion packs, however it does contain some Battery kits, three Kontakt instruments with NKS mapping for Bass, Lead and Poly synth instruments, a collection of sample loops and drum hits, and if you are dabbling with Maschine, files that can be loaded into this format.

Use code
HOLIDAYZ2018 to get 30% off.


As always I would recommend checking out the various YouTube walkthroughs and reviews for the above products which can easily be found with a Google search, just to hear what these products have to offer.

Unfortunately Sonic Faction uses the dreaded Continua Connect application, and SoundIron a variation of it, so some help will be needed with the download process.

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