SUB51 CC06 Drum Machine library Listed in SOS Editors Choices for 2018

SUB51 Listed in Sound On Sound Magazine Editors Choice Gear of the Year!

We were very pleased to learn that SUB51’s CC06 Roland TR606 library has been listed in the SOS Editors choice for 2018 by our old friend Paul White.

Paul writes…
“Sub51 Sound Design produce some great samplebased instruments for various formats, but their CC06 really impressed. Back in the day, I’d happily have dropped my Roland TR606 into a car crusher to shut it up, but Sub51’s tasteful use of processing and effects has breathed new life into it. This very inexpensive Kontakt instrument boasts a full set of panel controls, Komplete Kontrol mapping and some very usable MIDI loops. Paul White, Editor Sound On Sound Magazine”

This extremely affordable little library was reviewed by us here on the KK-Access website a couple of months ago, and we were impressed by both the quality of the samples and the versatility that the NKS mapping provided for blind users, it also works well across many musical genres making it a worthy addition to a composers creative toolbox.

You can checkout our KK-Access appraisal in our reviews section.

SUB51 have also released a brand new library entitled ‘EBow Elements’ which I will be reviewing in the near future.

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