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SonoKinetic have just extended their thematic range of phrase based sample libraries with Fantasy, their first major release of 2023.


Instant Magic


Fantasy delivers some beautifully pre-orchestrated themes across four orchestral sections which include Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion, and as with their previous libraries harnesses the power of their unique and clever Kontakt scripting to magically keep things together in synchronization with your DAW of choice.


As the title suggests, the targeted genre for this release is those entrancing and mystically swirling scores stylised by Fantasy movies such as the iconic Harry Potter series.


Tech Specs


Fantasy runs in Kontakt 7 either the full version or free Kontakt player equivalent, and is compatible with Komplete Kontrol.


The library requires 13 GB of disk space for installation for the 24bit 44.1kHZ sample content.


There is just one single master Kontakt NKI file, and no presets, the object of the library being of course for you to create your own instrument and phrase combinations.


Download & Installation


Fantasy can be downloaded using the SonoKinetic manager, or as most will prefer, directly via Native Access upon registration of your post purchase authorisation number.


After this simply load up Komplete Kontrol in your DAW of choice, KK will auto rescan, and with the swish of a wand you will be ready to begin exploring.



Komplete Kontrol Plug-In Edit NKS Parameter Mapping


Page One – Active Preset/Phrase Select & Microphone Mixer


Knob 1 – Active Preset Select
Knob 2 – Phrase Select Section, Strings, Woods, Brass & Percussion
Knob 3 – Category, Wizardry, Elvish, Flight, Forest, Majestic, Mist, Waterfall, Blue, Sparkle
Knob 4 – Phrase
Knob 5 – Close Microphone
Knob 6 – Decca Microphone
Knob 7 – Wide Microphone
Knob 8 – Balcony Microphone


Page Two – Active Preset/Phrase Settings 1, Balance, Releases


Knob 1 – Active Preset Selection
Knob 2 – Unallocated
Knob 3 – Phrase Offset
Knob 4 – Cross fade
Knob 5 – Phrase Pan
Knob 6 – Phrase Level
Knob 7 – Phrase Release
Knob 8 – Phrase Link


Page Three – Active Preset/Phrase Settings 2 (If Applicable)


Knob 1 – Phrase Select
Knob 2 – Unallocated
Knob 3 – Phrase Purge
Knob 4 – Unallocated
Knob 5 – Modwheel On/Off
Knob 6 – Phrase Speed, IDm, 1x, Double, Half
Knob 7 – Harmonic Shift On/Off
Knob 8 – Unallocated


Page Four – Active Preset, Randomise, Global, Load Only Phrases From…


Knob 1 – Phrase Select
Knob 2 – Randomise This Preset
Knob 3 – Random Lock, Include/Exclude
Knob 4 – Global Randomise All Presets
Knob 5 – Load Only Phrases From Strings
Knob 6 – Load Only Phrases From Woodwinds
Knob 7 – Load Only Phrases From Brass
Knob 8 – Load Only Phrases From Percussion





Whenever I am writing a review for a SonoKinetic product, the accessibility section is more often than not quite short, this is a good thing, as access to the SonoKinetic Kontakt phrase engine via NKS control largely mirrors that of the sighted user, and this is something that can seldom be claimed by most sample libraries.


We have the all important, and unique to SonoKinetic ability to audibly select our choice of phrases from each and any section, use the randomisation features as well as control the conventional microphone levels, pan and phrase mixing.


Fantasy – What’s The Score


The simplicity for the user of how the SonoKinetic phrase engine works belies the complex Kontakt scripting whirring away under it’s hood.


To coin an analogy, like a good car, the driver should not really have too much need to worry about what the engine is doing, it’s really all about the driving experience!


The basic concept is that you have 12 assignable phrase slots where you can choose from a plentiful selection of professionally recorded String, Woodwind, Brass & Percussion phrases which are all tagged into a variety of moods within the NKS plug-in pages.

When you have configured and assigned these to your liking, or even opted to roll the dice on the randomisation page, all you need to do is concentrate on playing your own triad chords on the lower part of the keyboard.


Holding down single or multiple keys, or even all 12 if your digits can manage it, will then result in the phrases following your playing, with the tempo locked to your DAW metronome.


Fine Tuning


Further detailed modifications can be made with adjustment of the volume between individual phrases, along with Pan and microphone mixing.


There is also the option to change the playback speed of any phrase, adjust cross fading, or engage the harmonic shift feature.


Some of the loaded phrases will even have associated phrase variations which will automatically load, and these are keyswitch triggerable in the C4-B4 range.


Talking of keyswitches, SonoKinetic have assigned several other useful functions at both the upper and lower unused portions of the keyboard octaves, and these are all thoughtfully designed to make using and performing with Fantasy as seamless an experience as possible given the many variations on offer.


The user manual linked at the review footer goes into the details of this.


Casting A Random Spell


The randomisation page deserves a notable mention, not least because it’s a great way to instantly swap out any or all of your phrases if you find yourself a little short of that magical inspiration.


You might be quite happy with some of the phrases, but perhaps may be in need of an alternative String sequence.


You can certainly select and change this manually by auditioning the available phrases, or you can take the pot luck approach which can be a fun way to trigger some new creative paths.


Practical Magic


Working with the Fantasy library does take a little getting used to, the engine in general works very efficiently, it’s more a question of discovering which of the phrases will work well together and in what combination given your own choice of chords and the sequence of inversions you opt to use.


That is of course true for music creation in general, it’s just that the compositional workflow involved in creating a longer track can take a little forward planning and trial and error in order to determine what chord transitions sound most realistic and natural flowing.




As with all SonoKinetic libraries, the recording quality and musical orchestration is of a notably high quality.


The task of creating and arranging which phrases will work well together globally throughout the whole product when mixed and matched is no mean feat, and as ever this has been meticulously cu rated.


The percussion section within Fantasy is melodic in nature rather than drum based, so you will find plenty of twinkling mallets here as opposed to booming timpani drums or clashing cymbals.


You could of course add these from another library with some careful blending, and the same would also be possible if you wanted to play your own melody lines to truly make the composition your own.


The more extensive microphone positions should make using third party libraries easier, and the fact that Fantasy was recorded in the same venue as other SonoKinetic products mean that library cross pollination is perfectly feasible.


Do make sure that you checkout some of the excellent demos and walkthroughs linked at the review footer in order to hear just how superb Fantasy can sound.




Fantasy is yet another fine example of a highly polished and themed orchestral phrase library from the SonoKinetic team.


It offers you instant gratification with it’s ability to deliver a professional sounding and glossy movie score, with just a bit of forward planning for your final track.


If the call comes for you to hurriedly flesh out a soundtrack for a film, game or media project, then this could well be a no fuss, no guilt, oven ready solution to help you hit your deadline.



Fantasy by SonoKinetic is available for purchase from their website at the intro price of €199,90 (usually €249,90) for a limited time.


Fantasy Product Page:



Fantasy, Cinematic:



Fantasy Tutorial Overview:



Fantasy Playthrough:



Fantasy User Manual:




c) Chris Ankin


3rd March 2023







The author can not accept any responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this review,or Any inaccuracies found therein. All opinions and product functions stated are based solely on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product and/or gathered from official factual sources such as the developer, web or supplied product manual.



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