HIVE Talkin, It’s The Last Day OF Native Instruments U-HE Sale

HIVE Talkin, It’s The Last Day OF Native Instruments U-HE Sale


Today is the final opportunity to grab deals in the current U-HE sale on the Native Instruments website.


I just wanted to give a shout out to Hive 2 which is the cheaper of the synthesizer instruments included in the bundle but also sold separately in the deal.


I have had the U-HE Zebra, Diva & Repro synths for a long time, but never picked up Hive2 until now, and have to say what a great synth this is.


Essentially it’s a standard low cpu subtractive synth making it easy to understand and tweak, and there are something like 2300 presets included with 14 pages of NKS parameter mapping.


The controls provide access to both of the two oscillator waveforms along with sub oscillators, envelopes, filters arp and FX parameters, so once you find a preset you like it can be tweaked to personalise it to your own taste.


Although it’s not up to the same external access as Surge XT, I was able to easily authorise the plug-in, and also access the presets using OCR.


When used outside of Komplete Kontrol, There are many more controls available in the Reaper parameter list (I’m sure other DAW’s will offer the same) including the sequencer where you can tune the notes within it’s 16 step range.


There are lots of walkthrough videos on youtube so you can get an idea of the sound, it’s in the same vein as Synthmaster, Sylenth and Surge XT.


One little tip I discovered, the NKS audio previews download as an individual archive which U-HE explain need to be dragged & dropped or added internally.

This archive comes in what initially appears to be a bespoke U-HE archive format, however by renaming the extension to .zip, it extracted just fine using 7Zip where it could be placed in the Hive data NKS folder.


Here is a link to the U-HE Native Instruments offer page:

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