SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas

SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas


Just a reminder following on from the previous post a few weeks back, that SonoKinetic are again now running their annual 12 days of Christmas promotion.


During this period which started yesterday, there is the opportunity to bag some heavy discounts on their product line up, as well as the odd free gift thrown in for good measure, which are generally full priced sample libraries.


Yesterday kicked off with a big discount on Orchestral Strings their flagship string product, and today they gave away Vivace Legacy Cinematic, a reworking of one of their early libraries.


Each day sees a new entry as we approach the festive big day!


Check the website daily around 4.00pm GMT to find out what’s new 🙂


SonoKinetic 12 Days of Christmas:

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