Black Friday Fatigue, Let Us Know What’s Caught Your Ear?

Black Friday Fatigue, Let Us Know What’s Caught Your Ear?


I used to think that it was just Christmas that got earlier each year, now it seems that Black Friday is also starting early, and is another huge contender for your money.

But, are there really that many true bargains to be had, we do see similar prices at various sales throughout the year, so with so many vendors jostling for your cash, I thought I would take a moment to briefly jot down those which genuinely seemed to be either rarely on sale, or carried a larger than usual discount.


Please do feel free to add to the thread  on the email list with any offers that you have found hard to resist. The emphasis of course is on Komplete Kontrol related products, but Fx plug-ins and other related software are not out of bounds, although I would draw the line on Smart Tv’s, & mobile phones 🙂


Before beginning, it’s worth mentioning again that any subscribers out there who belong to the Able Artist Foundation, can obtain 50% discounts on software from certain vendors all year round, so for those that qualify the half price reduction can actually match or even surpass the reductions fetured during Black Friday.

Iif you are a member do check the list below to see if that tempting Black Friday discount is genuinely going to be less than what you can obtain at other times.


Here is a list of those vendors:


Production Voices, Caelum Audio, Embertone, Audiomodern
, Orange Tree Samples, Naroth Audio, Nextmidi, HAVE AUDIO, Krotos, ujam, Clark Audio, Sudden Audio, sonible GmbH, Evolution Series, skybox Audio, BeatConnect, Audio Imperia LLC, Aaron Venture, Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, Q Up Arts, Red Room Audio, Rast Sound, The Unfinished, Sonokinetic B.V, Synthogy, Soundiron LLC, Triple Spiral Audio, Impact Soundworks, Sound Dust, Cinesamples, Realitone, Audio Brewers,


Now for a few deals that appear to be good value,


Kicking off with Native Instruments themselves, they have some great reductions on both software and notably hardware with cashback, which we don’t generally see until the Summer of Sound promotion, login to see your individual personal pricing for upgrades etc.


Arturia, have discounts on their V Collection software, and if you are an existing owner then the buy into V Collection is lower than I’ve seen previously, again checkout the website and if you have an account login to see what can be had.


Applied Acoustic Systems, known for their physical modelling instruments, AAS are offering up to 60% off of their instruments, again if you are an existing owner then filling those gaps in your collection is seldom cheaper.


SonicCouture Black Friday 50% discount, these guys are long time friends of our community, and have often gone the extra mile with their advanced NKS mapping, certainly worth a look and you may even find yourself the odd fully licensed free NKS library along the way!


Heavyocity currently have up to 75% off of their libraries, masters of the cinematic genre, they now have an expansive back catalog of top notch products, again there are even some freebies to be had with their Foundations series.



Plughugger Sound Design have some great sound sets available for Omnisphere, U-HE Diva & Repro, you will need additional NKS packs from Freelance Soundlabs in order to use the Omnisphere sounds, but with 50% discount on the whole range, this is the best time of the year to buy if you ever miss the original intro pricing on Plughugger Sound sets.


Rob Papen Explorer 8, this is the latest version of Rob Papen’s everything bundle which contains some great synths & fx. All of the synth instruments are NKS compatible and there are thousands of presets when you add up the whole kaboodle!

For new customers there is a 25% reduction at Plugin Boutique, but they have a system in place where if you own one or more products then the price of the explorer package reduces.

It’s possible to pick up one or two lower cost products separately to max out your discounts.

Checkout the offer at the Plugin Boutique Product page here:


These deals are literally the tip of the iceberg, and it’s not even technically Black Friday yet, again feel free to add your own bargains, on the email list and also spare a thought for the smaller vendors who struggle to compete with the big guys.

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