U-HE Announce Zebra Legacy Day!

U-HE Announce Zebra Legacy Day!


If you are already aware of U-HE as being a well respected creator & developer of soft synths, then you will almost certainly have heard of Zebra & it’s more aggressive companion Zebra HZ – The Dark Zebra.


Zebra has been featured on countless film soundtracks along with many EDM tracks, and notably of course Hans Zimmer’s score for Batman The Dark Knight gave birth to Zebra HZ – The Dark Zebra add-on patches.


U-HE have now stated their commitment to the development and release of Zebra 3, and in doing so are making the original Zebra along with The Dark Zebra together with all factory presets available for a limited time beginning on November 15th for 99.00 Euros.


Existing owners can grab the latest versions with added presets for free, including the later upgrade path to Zebra 3 upon it’s later release.


All of the U-HE synth range have licensed NKS compatibility.


Checkout the full offer details at the following link:

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