Here are a few small NKS related news items that I thought worth passing on:


Focusrite & Novation Plug-in Collective Offer Massive & Ozone Elements Free


If you are an owner of Focusrite or Novation hardware and are signed up to their plug-in collective, then you can claim free copies of both Native Instruments Massive & Izotope Ozone Elements entirely free in their latest offer.


Massive is undoubtedly one of Native Instruments most historically popular synthesizers, and there are a myriad of presets out there to expand the sounds within Komplete Kontrol.


This is great news for those starting out with an M32 or A-Series who want to add new inspiration to their preset collection.


Here is a link to the offer:



Cherry Audio CA2600 On Discount At Audio Deluxe


To celebrate it’s 12th anniversary Audio Deluxe have a sale running where you can among other things get a copy of Cherry Audio CA2600 for just $12.00


The CA2600 is an emulation of the Arp 2600, and like many Cherry Audio instruments does a good job of reproducitng the original with a few modern updates thrown in.


You will need to additionally purchase the CA2600 NKS pack from Freelance Soundlabs, but in combination this represents a pretty good deal.


Audio Deluxe Cherry Audio CA2600 Product Page:


Freelance Soundlabs Cherry Audio CA2600 NKS Pack:



SoundIron Drums of St Paul


SoundIron have just released Drums of St Paul, which they describe as a massive 3 piece drum kit featuring kick, snare & tom samples.

As the name implies the library was recorded at the ST Pauls sancturary Hall in San Francisco, the same location as their Requiem Light Symphonic Choir


The library which is on an intro price of just $12 does require the full version of Kontakt, however SoundIron have taken the time to made the library parameters available for automation, which in this case means that there are 11 pages of controls mapped to Komplete Kontrol knobs.


There is 1 master NKI file, and a further 20 FX oriented presets all of which include the same parameter mapping.



Here is a link to the Drums of ST Paul Product page:


Here is a link to the walkthrough video:

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