Empty Vessel Announce Sale ON Absynth Entropia Sound Set

Empty Vessel Announce Sale ON Absynth Entropia Sound Set

Empty Vessel is a New Zealand based sound design company, creating sound sets for a variety of instrument plug-ins.


Particularly of note here is that following the announcement of Absynth being dropped from the Native Instruments product range, they have reduced the price of their popular Entropia sound set to just 10 euros to allow more users to enjoy the amazing sounds this longstanding instrument can create.


The sound set includes 129 patches for Native Instruments Absynth
All based around 900Mb of original samples from a variety of diverse, original sources; dust, decay and imperfection enhanced with a range of software processes, analog tape and vintage samplers.


The presets very capably demonstrate the wealth and eclectic nature of Absynth, and for the small price are a great way to inject some new creative inspiration into your tracks.


As always please note that you will need to have Absynth installed on your system for the presets to work. They can be installed onto either the user side or the factory side of the Komplete Kontrol browser depending on your preferences.


Here is a link to the Empty Vessel Product Page:


Here is a preset walkthrough:

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