Plug-in Boutique September Synth Month Sale

Plug-in Boutique September Synth Month Sale



As you may be aware if you subscribe to the Plug-in Boutique emails, September is synth month on their website, so I thought it might be helpful to mention those which have NKS presets available for them.



FM8 From Native Instruments:


Naturally this one is already NKS compatible out of the box, and will work within Komplete Kontrol being one of the standard file formats that KK can recognise.


If you only have Komplete start and want to add this great synth to your system, then for the bargain price of just £12.00 it can be yours in the sale, and there are a whole bunch of extra free presets in the KK dropbox you can add for free!


FM8 Sale Page:



Iris 2 By iZotope


This one is not natively NKS compatible, however there is an NKS pack available from Freelance Soundlabs for the basic factory presets.


Another bargain with a sale price of a mere £12.00


Iris 2 Sale page:


Iris 2 Freelance Soundlabs NKS Pack:


Ascension  Plus Expansion Packs By W A Productions



This one again has an accompanying NKS pack available separately, the cost for the synth itself is £29.95


Ascension   Sale Page:


Ascension   NKS Pack:


Generate By Eventide


This synth from New Fangled Audio is distributed by Eventide has 50% off in the sale, and sells for £63.80, this is another plug-in with an NKS preset pack available.


Generate Sale Page:


Generate NKS Pack:


Go2 By Rob Papen


All Rob  Papen instruments have NKS support out of the box, and can be purchased in a bundle called Explorer, which is currently on version 7.  GoTo is an entry level synth which has some great presets and is included in this Plug-in Boutique sale for the princely sum of just £19.99


There is no need to buy an extra NKS pack for this one 🙂


GoTo sale Page:


DCO-106 By Cherry Audio


This emulation of the Roland Juno 106 from Cherry Audio is on sale for £19.96, and will require an additional NKS pack from Freelance Soundlabs.


DC106 Sale Page:


DC106 NKS Pack:




Dreamsynth By Cherry Audio


Another offering by the masters of retro synth emulations, Cherry Audio.


This one rather than imitating a specific vintage synth, instead pays homage to the hybrid analog & digital synths from the 80’s.


It will need the additional NKS pack to work within Komplete Kontrol, but does include in excess of 1000 presets!


On sale for £29.95


Dreamsynth Sale Page:


Dreamsynth NKS Pack:


I hope having this summary of NKS compatible synths in the Plug-in Boutique sale proves helpful!

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