NKS Instrument News…

NKS Instrument News…


Novation Freebies…


Novation has made their Bass Station & V Station instrument plugins free.

These two virtual representations of the Novation classic hardware synths have been around for a while now, and have often been given away with focusrite products, and other various promotions.


They are now free to download from the Novation legacy software page here:


A word of warning though, the authorisation process is a bit of a nightmare, it’s one of those two step processes that involves having an account and downloading a small license file to your system, not for the faint hearted and probably best done with some borrowed eyeballs to hand 🙂


You will Also need to obtain the NKS preset packs available as a double bundle from Freelance Soundlabs from the following link:


Spitfire Audio BBC Discover Goes Instantly Free


It’s always been free up until now following completion of a survey and a short waiting time, but now Spitfire Audio has decided to make their popular entry level orchestral library free upon demand.


It is NKS compatible of course, and can be obtained from this page:


The Unfinished Release New Sound Sets For U-HE Diva


Matt from The Unfinished has today released Anahera, a two volume collection which can also be purchased as a bundle, containing 300 presets for Diva.


Matt has also included NKSF versions of the presets so that they can be used within Komplete Kontrol, however they do not include pre-hear sounds, which is not a real deal breaker, having worked with Matt in the past you can be certain that each patch will have been lovingly crafted 🙂


Checkout the bundle page here:


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