A Few Current NKS Product Deals that Came Across The KK-Access Radar!

A Few Current NKS Product Deals that Came Across The KK-Access Radar!


Cymatic Form – ACOUSMATIC ENGINE 50% Off Summer Sale:


Product Page:



KK-Access Review:

Acousmatic Engine By Cymatic Form


minimonsta by g force-software Now $29.99


Emulation of Minimoog


Product Page:


NKS Preset Pack Required From Freelance Soundlabs Found Here:



sektorSynth -by-initial-audio Now $39.00


Plugin BoutiqueProduct Page:



NKS Presets from Freelance Soundlabs Required Found Here:



Cyclop” by Sugar Bytes 50% Off At VST Buzz


Natively NKS Compatible


VST Buzz Offer Page:

50% off “Cyclop” by Sugar Bytes


Plughugger summer sale 33% Off


Plughugger Sound Design create a range of sound sets for Omnisphere & U-HE Synths such as Diva & Repro 1


The U-HE Synth Presets are provided in NKS format, however the Omnisphere Sound Sets will require equivalent Preset NKS Packs to be purchased from Freelance Soundlabs (most sound sets are available but do check before purchasing)


Plughugger Sound Design Website:



KV331 Audio Anniversary Sale Up To 85% Off


The Synthmaster Line is now Natively NKS compatible


Plugin Boutique KV331 Audio Product Page:


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