Freelance Soundlabs NKS News May 2022

Freelance Soundlabs NKS News May 2022


Jason has a few nice updates & additions for us this month.

First up, for Arturia Analog V owners there are the following updates:


Arturia Analog Lab V / Pigments Update


An update is now available for the Analog Lab V NKS Library + Pigments library.

This update adds over 2000+ presets that were not initially included in the update from AL4 to AL5 and also adds additional presets for the Pigments 3.0 update.


Additionally, the Multi patches have now been fixed to apply a dual layer control template to all multi patches and also add some missing multi tags for some presets.


This is a free update for existing users to download from their account page
Read the included readme for updating your library, simply requires deletion of the existing AL5 NKS files and copy the latest library in the download.


User Account Page:

Air Music – New Instrument Products


airmusic bassline
airmusic drumsynth
airmusic electric
airmusic hype
airmusic mellotron
airmusic odyssey
airmusic solina
airmusic tubesynth


Air Music Technologies has released a new range of synths which are now NKS ready. Each of these has the full NKS treatment with detailed tagging, full control map, sound previews and database files/artwork. 

I have not had a good chance to play with these ones too much but they sound great and are built on newer technology than Air’s older synths. 


You can see the full range of available Air Music NKS libraries Here


Check out the new Air Music Technology synths at their website Here


NB: Above information extracted from latest Freelance Soundlabs newsletter

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