Drumvolution By Wave Alchemy On Offer At Audio Plugin Deals

Drumvolution By Wave Alchemy On Offer At Audio Plugin Deals


It’s great to see some NKS compatible products gradually becoming available at resellers such as Audio Plugin Deals.


This latest promotion is for Wave Alchemy’s Drumvolution Kontakt based drum engine, which currently has 70% off of the usual price of $204.00 and is now only $59.00 for a limited time.


We reviewed this library upon initial release, and at the offer price it’s a great way of adding some new drum content to your collection, also see our review for Evolution the predecessor for NKS Mapping details.


The library has almost 5Gb of content with around 400 kit presets, and quite a bit of keyswitch implementation makes up for an overall lack of NKS pages.


Here is a link to our original Drumvolution review:


Here is a link to the current promotion:


Finally a Reference Link for Evolution:

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