The Unfinished Release Free 10th Anniversary Sound Set Compilation

The Unfinished Release Free 10th Anniversary Sound Set Compilation


Matt Bowdler AKA The Unfinished has today made entirely free a collection of his earlier commercial sound set releases in celebration of his 10th business anniversary


The collection includes plenty of content (over 900 presets) to fuel your Absynth & Massive inspirations, all for gratis!


Matt has come a long way in the past 10 years, I had the pleasure of being a beta tester for some of his Omnisphere Sound sets, and his reputation within the film and scoring community has grown substantially, with him being commissioned to create bespoke sounds for major movies like ‘No Time To Die’ & ‘Dune’ which saw him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Hans Zimmer.


The sound sets are Absynth Geometron, Absynth Heliopolis, Absynth Metatron, Massive Ammunition, Massive Darkscore I, Massive Darkscore II, Massive Darkscore III and Massive Stratosphere.


You can directly download the collection here:


Place the extracted presets into your user content folder, and as both Absynth and Massive are file formats that Komplete Kontrol will natively recognise they will appear on the user side of your browser tagged in their respective categories, no preview sounds of course!


Please note that you will need to own and have both Absynth & Massive installed on your system for the presets to load and work.

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