Freelance Soundlabs Latest NKS News – November 2021

Freelance Soundlabs Latest NKS News – November 2021

Just a handful of new releases and product updates this month from our antipodean friend Jason at Freelance Soundlabs.

Softube Instruments

The following Softube Instruments are now available for Komplete/Maschine NKS browser. Each of these libraries is fully tagged, has in-depth parameter mapping for full control and of course has sound previews and database/image files.

model72 nks
model84 nks
 softube monumentbass nks
softube parallels nks

If there are additional Softube instruments or even FX you would like to see NKS added to just let us know.

falcon nks

An update is available for the UVI Factory Library to add the new presets released in the latest 2.5 update. Just get the latest library, delete the existing factory NKS library for falcon and copy the latest one in place. No need to update image/database files. Rescan your NKS library and the new presets will be found as a new bank called Factory > 2.5

talsampler nks

An update is available for TAL sampler NKS macOS Library which fixes an issue with “Missing Samples”. If you have this NKS library and have been loading presets to receiving the message that samples are missing then please make sure you are using TAL Sampler v3.7.0 or later then download the latest NKS library update, delete your existing TAL Sampler NKS library and replace with the latest version (NKS Library Version 2.5.3)

Korg Issue “Fixed” Maybe? 

I have to say Korg are a very unreliable company to try and deal with and the whole Korg Collection and management is a bit of a mess to be honest! It’s rather frustrating. 
I have been reporting the issue through that some plugins are not displaying the name of the correct preset if the internal preset list differs from how it was when the preset (as an NKS file or in a DAW project) was saved. I have also found numerous crashes with some plugins which I have also reported through. I received an email from Korg not to say these were fixed only: 

Quote from Korg Support email:


Sorry for the delay my reply.

We have released updates for the MS-20 and Polysix.
Please download them from KORG Software Pass or KORG ID website.

Best regards,
Korg app Team”

The issue here is I received this 3 weeks ago but checking the Korg App there is no update listed (still only shows v2.2.0) but if you dig and find their changelog there is suppose to be a v2.2.1 now available but as of this email there is no such update so still no idea if this is fixed, nothing is mentioned in the changelog about it and even 2 emails to Korg in 3 weeks I hear no reply. So I will update on the forum if I am ever able to get some actual response and updated versions from Korg to test but still waiting on them. 

We look forward to more updates in December…

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